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     Free RAR Extract Frog


Free RAR Extract Frog

Available now.
Install and uninstall included.
No ads or offers. 100% free.
1.8MB disk space required.

A skinable rar extractor. Free RAR Extract Frog offers extraction of standard RARs, spanned archives and helps with the decompression of password protected rar files.

It includes short instructions in over 50 languages more...

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     Lormalphabet Font Preview


Lormalphabet Font

Available now.
Open Type/True Type Font.
100% free for personal/commercial use.
0.1MB disk space required.

The lormalphabet is used for communication with deafblind people. This font can be used to "translate" text to lormalphabet "letters" that one then can more...



Yin Yang 3D-Game
Yin Yang Game
A 3D Yin Yang game of skill with a small steel ball that goes on forever...

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about multipart, broken, protected, and other RAR files...


Berlin Wallpaper
Berlin, Freeware
Berlin: Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz, Graffiti etc.

Experimental Wallpaper
Experimental, Freeware
Quaternions, Terragen, Plasma, Campfire, Autobahn etc.

Guatemala Wallpaper
Guatemala, Freeware
Chichicastenango, Antigua, Tikal, Lago Atitlan, Panajachel etc.

Mexico Wallpaper
Mexico, Freeware
Mexico: San Christobal, Puebla, Oaxaca, México, D.F., Coyoacan, Tulum etc.

Münster Wallpaper
Münster, Freeware
Münster: Prinzipalmarkt, Dom, Promenade, Aasee, Lambertikirche...

Namibia Wallpaper 
Namibia Wallpaper, Freeware
Fish River Canyon, Swakopmund, Düne 45, Namib Wüste, Dead Vlei etc.

Rügen Wallpaper
Rügen, Freeware
Rapsfelder, Kreidefelsen, Kap Arkona, Stubbenkammer, Viktoriasicht etc.

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 Egbert Turns Red

Egbert Turns Red

Self-Print Edition of the picture book for you to print out and color.

 Namibia Wallpaper
 Namibia Wallpaper

Namibia Wallpapers

Dune 45, Namib Desert, Dead Vlei, Waterberg Plateau etc.

 In Here, Out There!

In Here, Out There!

Free eBook edition of the picture book for tablets, laptops, and PCs.

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